Soehnle Style Sense Compact 200 Bathroom Scale

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Soehnle Style Sense Compact 200 Digital Bathroom Scales A timeless design, the digital personal scale Style Sense Compact 200 sets stylish accents in every bathroom. With its compact and extra-thin design, it will fit and store anywhere and is ideal for smaller bathrooms. Its comfort is impressive! The easy-to-read digits display body weight in 100 g / 0.2 lb precise increments up to a maximum weight of 180 kg / 396 lb. It switches on immediately when stepping on to the scale’s weighing platform made of high-quality safety glass, and turns off automatically after weighing, prolonging battery life. Batteries included. Highly child-proof with a secure screw-fastened battery compartment. Easy to read LCD screen of weight with digit height 2.5 cm Extra-thin design which is strong and highly stable Very high load capacity up to a maximum weight of 180 kg (100 g precise increments) Practical immediate automatic ‘on’ function when stepping on the scale Automatic ‘off’ function makes it very energy-saving Anti-slip feet make it safe to stand on Enclosed batteries for immediate use Long battery life of over two years when used on average twice a day Child-proof, screw-fastened battery compartment Easy to select weight units in kg, lb, and st 5-year guarantee H4 x H32 x W31 cm


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