Soehnle Style Sense Comfort 500 Bathroom Scale

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Soehnle Style Sense Comfort 500 Digital Bathroom Scales The fascinating glass scale that gives that wow factor every morning! When switched off, the scale’s display disappears so that the Style Sense Comfort 500 digital bathroom scale presents a brilliantly shiny black glass surface. It’s only when standing on the scale that the patented, extra-large LED display becomes visible, featuring its white light and easily readable digits. The perfect accessory for those who love defined shapes and minimalist elegance. The scale’s anti-slip rubber feet and its XXL platform made from strong, extra-clear safety glass ensures stability, safety and comfort. The scale switches on immediately when standing on it and displays weight in precise 100 g increments up to a maximum of 180 kg. It then switches off automatically after weighing. This incidentally prolongs battery life, which can last up to three years when used twice a day. Extra-large, illuminated LED digit display is easily readable, even in a low-lit room (digit height 4.5 cm) Fascinating and patented: display becomes visible only upon stepping on the scale Flat surface design for safe standing on the scales Extra-large surface for particularly comfortable weighing Very high weight-bearing capacity of up to a maximum 180 kg (accurate to 100 g increments) Scales automatically and practically switch on when stood on Automatic switch-off makes the scales very energy efficient Anti-slip feet make it safe to stand on Enclosed batteries for immediate use Particularly long battery life of over three years when used on average twice a day Easy to select weight units in kg, lb, and st 5-year guarantee H4 x L39 x W33 cm


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