Soehnle Air Fresh Clean 400 Purifier

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Soehnle air purifiers have the important allergy-friendly ECARF certification. This filter system removes germs, viruses, bacteria, unpleasant odours, pollen particles, smoke and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The addition of the UV-C light effectively destroys bacteria and viruses. The fan can self-adjust to the detected conditions and has three different speeds to clean the air efficiently. An air coloured display shows the current quality of the air in the room which turns off when in night mode with a built in timer so sleep is not disturbed. There is a filter change indicator reminder light to make sure your air purifier is working at it’s most effective. Replacement filters are available to order under Soehnle code 68129. Clean air 4-stage filter system removes up to 99.95% of all pollen and particles of up to 3.0 µm from the air Allergy-Friendly ECARF Certified Ultraviolet light effectively destroys bacteria and viruses 3 different power levels to maximise pollution removal automatically adjusting to the current environment For rooms up to 38 m² 3 sleep timer modes, 2, 4 and 8 hours Lowest noise level 30db, power consumption 6-29W, air throughput 145 m3/hour


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