Leifheit Teleclip 42 Extendable Wall Mounted Dryer

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Leifheit Teleclip 42 Extendable Wall Mounted Dryer The Leifheit wall tumble dryer has offset rods that fan like a accordion and thus provide sufficient space to dry. The wall tumble dryer can be opened quickly and easily and can be ideally mounted in the shower or above the washing machine thanks to its width of 60 cm! Small, but oho – the practical wall tumble dryer Teleclip 42 Extendable by Leifheit scores with many advantages. With a width of just 60 cm when closed, it occupies hardly any space – whether in the bathroom, hallway or storage room. Thus, it offers a space-saving possibility for drying damp laundry items, especially in small apartments and single households. After purchase, the wall mounting of the tumble dryer takes place in just a few steps. In addition, it can also be used as a comfortable towel rail in everyday life. The drying rod can be wound up in the shape of a decorative harmonica thanks to lateral recesses. Completely open, the Teleclip 42 Extendable wall tumble dryer impresses with Leifheit due to the offset rods with a drying length of up to 4.2 m. The offset rods fan up like a accordion and provide enough space to dry With a width of 60 cm, ideal to mount in the shower, over the bathtub or washing machine Thanks to the recessed handles, the Teleclip 42 Extendable wall tumble dryer opens quickly and easily Total dry length of 4.2 m


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