Leifheit Stainless Steel Therm Insulating Jug 600ml

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Leifheit Stainless Steel Therm Insulating Jug 600ml With the classical china for Sundays and also the colourful dishes for breakfast. Beside its fine shining appearance it offers an excellent insulating power. The high quality double-walled stainless steel insulating body keeps warm or cold for hours. Thanks to the genuine aroma button, the button to open, pour and close with only one hand, the coffee remains wonderful aromatic. The volume of 0,6 litre is sufficient for approx 6 cups of coffee. Double-walled stainless steel insulating body With original aroma button: opening, pouring, closing with only one hand 5 year guarantee 600 ml Dimensions 18 x 18 x 13 cm


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