Leifheit Silicone Coated BBQ Grill Kitchen Tongs 23cm

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Leifheit Silicone Coated BBQ Grill Kitchen Tonges 23cm The Leifheit kitchen and grill tongs is ideal for the precise holding and safe turning. Whether as spatula, bread or pasta holder the sturdy tongs made of stainless steel with its fluted holding surface has steaks under control as well as spaghetti. Thanks to the silicone coating the tongs can also be used in Teflon coated pans, without scratching the sensitive non-stick coating. For the space saving storing the tongs can be locked. It has an eyelet for hanging and is therefore always easy to strore. Versatile usable as spatula, bread and biscuits holder, pasta holder With silicone coated holding surface to protect sensitive pans Locking for closing and space saving storing of the tongs Eyelet for hanging 3 year guarantee Lenght 23 cm


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