Leifheit Salad Dressing Oil Mixer Shaker Bottle 300ml

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Leifheit salad dressing oil mixer shaker bottle With the Dressing Shaker from Leifheit, mixing an exquisite salad sauce is simple and easy. Unlike most other dressing shakers, it has an anti-drip spout. This guarantees nothing gets lost and that work surfaces and hands stay clean. The shaker’s high-quality glass is printed with a measuring scale in ml and fluid oz. as well as with practical recipe scales. You’re thus always guaranteed to have the right mixture and the recipes are always to hand all without a single extra measuring jug. The filling volume of 300 ml is also sufficient for large quantities. The glass and product label are both dishwasher safe. Thanks to the securely fastening plastic lid, the shaker can also be used to store salad sauces. Practical anti-drip spout Recipe scales for measuring directly in the bottle Dishwasher safe glass bottle Measuring scale in ml and fluid oz. With plastic cover for sealing 300 ml fill volume Dimentions 7.5 x 7.5 x 20.5 cm


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