Leifheit Rolly Mobil Wall Mounted Kitchen Roll Holder

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Leifheit Rolly Mobil Wall Mounted Kitchen Roll Holder The Leifheit wall roll holder allows the storage of up to three rolls: whether aluminum foil, kitchen roll or plastic wrap for each roll, there is a place. In addition, the holder allows clean and precise separation of the foils with knife-sharp blades! Ideal for kitchen paper, aluminum, cling film and the like – the Rolly Mobil wall roll holder from Leifheit for the kitchen. If you buy it, you can store three rolls on it, because it has a holder for kitchen rolls and two for foils. The upper roller container of the Leifheit kitchen roll holder is removable. This makes it possible to cut the film exactly where it is needed. The knife-sharp special blades are also practical. Because thanks to this, torn demolition edges are a thing of the past. The elegantly curved cutting slide valve is injury-proof. It is also convenient that the roller ends always stick out of the roller holder of Leifheit after cutting. Thanks to the Rolly Mobil wall roller holder, no more annoying fumbling is necessary. Rather, the rolls with the kitchen roll holder for the wall of Leifheit are always at hand. Upper roller holder is removable Knife-sharp special blades prevent shattered tear-off edges Elegant curved and injury-proof cutting slide valve Roller ends stick out of the holder after cutting and are always at hand Suitable for three rolls: Two foil and one Wall roll holder Rolly Mobil with the dimensions: L 38 cm x W 7 cm x H 25 cm


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