Leifheit Profi XL Mobile Mop and Bucket Set

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Leifheit Profi Mop With Bucket and Rollers Set For all floors. Its dual-fibre wiper cover reaches into to the smallest recesses remove even stubborn dirt thoroughly from porous materials. With an impressive wiping width of 42 cm, the Profi micro duo significantly shortens the cleaning process and saves you valuable time. The highly flexible 360° swivel joint enables effective wiping in wavy lines and wipes effortlessly around table and cabinet legs. The Mop Press is now fitted with two easy rolling casters on the bottom of the bucket. Supplied with a screw handle. Pressing requires little effort using the foot to operate the pedal Water is squeezed out of the wiper cover by pressing down on the foot pedal Includes integrated rollers for easy moving about The foot release on the mop’s floor plate removes the need to bend down whilst washing and wringing the wiper cover 360° movable wiper joint for cleaning in wavy lines Floor wiper with flexible joint for hassle-free cleaning of hard to reach areas e.g. under cupboards, furniture or beds Fold-around wiper cleans corners and edges in one movement 3-year guarantee Wiping width 42cm Contains Mop Press Profi with rollers and Floor Wiper Profi Micro Duo with 3-part handle


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