Leifheit Power Slide Replacement Fleece Washer Pad 40cm

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Leifheit Power Slide Replacement Fleece Washer Pad 40 cm The Leifheit Powerslide 40 turns into an all round window cleaner. Simply fit the powerful micro fibre cover on the rubber blade and the Powerslide 40 removes even persistent dirt from windows, balcony doors and winter gardens. The wiping width is 40cm. Power slide 40 number – 51520 or 51521.power slide,powerslide,fleece, Supplied by Leifheit, a major European brand of well designed quality houseware products. Powerful cover for the Leifheit Powerslide 40 Easy to operate Turns the squeegee into a window wiper XL-wiping width of 40cm Contains 1 Leifheit Power Slide


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