Leifheit Pegasus Bath 110 Bathtub Clothes Dryer

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Leifheit Bath tub Dryer Pegasus 110 Bath clothers airer dryer The laundry rack is no longer in the way of moving around in small spaces. This rack can be space saving because it can be placed over bathtubs. The practical dryer from Leifheit has the shape of a ā€œVā€, standing on the head, and can simply be placed on the bathtub as soon as opened. The two wings of the Pegasus V can be locked in 12 positions so it can fit every bathtub width. For the drying of sensitive clothing it can be put flat on the bathtub. The sturdy drying bars of the Pegasus V Duo are powder-coated and rust proof for best drying work even after years. The Pegasus V is usable without installation: simply open it, put it up and the practical drying place is ready for use. Sturdy, steady dryer for the bathtub Lockable in 12 positions Can also laid flat on the baththub 3-year guarantee


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