Leifheit Pegasus 190 Laundry Tower Dryer

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Leifheit Pegasus 190 Laundry Tower Dryer The tower dryer Pegasus Tower has a base of 66 x 61 cm. Even the smallest bathroom can be used optimally and the dryer does not get in the way. For small balconies the Pegasus Tower 190 is the go to solution. Despite its small base it offers a great amount of drying space: available wit three levels. One on top of the other and offer a drying length of 19 metres. The practical tower dryer has space for two loads of laundry. For longer laundry items the middle level can be put down. The tower dryer Pegasus Tower 190 is the ideal tower dryer for families with little children. It is sturdy, steady and rust proof. After its use the Pegasus Tower 190 can be folded away. Its height is 1.5 metres. The compact base allows it to stands in small spaces and fit into all conventional showers Three levels offer 19 metres of drying length and space for 2 washing machine loads Middle level folds away and offers space for hanging long items of clothing The dryer is stable and rustproof and can also be setup on the balcony or terrace Folding flat to store, it can fit easily between a cabinet and against the wall to save space Base measurements of 66 x 61cm Contains 1 dryer rack 5 years guarantee


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