Leifheit Pegasus 120 Solid Compact Bath Laundry Airer Dryer

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Leifheit Pegasus 120 Solid Compact Bath Laundry Airer Dryer The Leifheit drying rack not only has a particularly stable stand thanks to its parallel legs, but is also only 44 cm narrow and fits in any commercial bathtub. The drying rack offers space for a washing machine filling and can be stored in a space-saving manner! No matter how large the room is by drying the laundry, the Pegasus 120 Solid Compact drying rack with its narrow stand width of 44 cm fits in every corner to save space. With these dimensions, it even finds space in a commercial bathtub. The gentle plastic feet with soft grip do not scratch the material and at the same time ensure a stable hold. With its light 3.1 kg, the freestanding dryer can be easily lifted into the tub. The bathtub clothes rack has 93 cm high, side-opening wings. These ensure that no long piece of laundry comes into contact with the floor. The tumble dryer is suitable for the balcony or garden thanks to its stable parallel legs. Even under heavy load, the model does not tip over. If you buy the Pegasus 120 Solid Compact drying rack, you can dry an entire machine wash in no time. The Leifheit stand dryer has 12 meters dry length. Thus, despite its small size, it offers enough space to comfortably hang a washing machine load. The stable drying rods do not sag even with heavy parts. Stable stand of the dryer indoors and outdoors thanks to parallel legs. Only 44 cm stand width, so the drying rack fits into any commercial bathtub. Space for long laundry items on the extra high side wings with a height of about 1.28 m. Only 55 cm dry width for easy transport. 93 cm high, side-opening wings also allow the drying of long laundry items. With a dry length of 12 meters, the Pegasus 120 Solid Compact offers space for a washing machine load. Dimensions set up: 76 x 149 x 43 cm


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