Leifheit Linomatic Easy 500 50m Rotary Dryer

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Leifheit Linomatic 500 Easy laundry rotary dryer The Leifheit laundry rotary dryer can not only be opened easily thanks to the Easy-Lift system, but can also be easily closed thanks to a release on the stand tube. The laundry dryer can accommodate up to five washing machine loads and the automatic linen feeder always keeps the lines clean! Drying up to five washing machine loads at once in the fresh air? No problem! If you buy the Linomatic 500 Easy rotary dryer from Leifheit, 50 m of washing line is available. The maximum line length is 2.03 m – ideal for large pieces of laundry such as bed clothes or tablecloths. With the help of the Easy-Lift-System, the laundry umbrella can be opened with the least effort. To close, all that is needed is to actuate the release on the stand tube. The lines are automatically pulled into the support arms, because the laundry dryer is equipped with a line feeder. This way, the lines are optimally protected from dirt and the laundry remains clean. It is particularly practical that a floor sleeve for concreting is included in the box. The Linomatic 500 Easy rotary dryer can be set up easily after purchase. Automatic line feeder prevents the linen from getting dirty Easy-Lift system for easy opening Easy closing thanks to the release on the standpipe With 50 m line length for five washing machine loads Large pieces of laundry can be easily accommodated thanks to the maximum line length of 2.03 m With floor sleeve for concreting Made in Germany


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