Leifheit Linomatic 600 Deluxe 60m Rotary Dryer With Cover

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Leifheit Linomatic 600 Deluxe Rotary Dryer 60m The Linomatic 600 deluxe offers the whole Linomatic comfort for the large family, clean and dry lines at any time and thanks to the Leifheit line retraction mechanism an imposing line length of 60 m. The opening of the rotary dryer is possible with less effort. The once again improved Easy Lift System enables further saving of strength of 20%. Due to the automatic retraction of the tensioning line it is protected on one side. On the other side the tensioning lever does not reach the ground. It is no trip trap and no danger while mowing the grass. Easy and comfortable closing of the rotary dryer ensures the Easy Close Comfort. A press button on the carrying arm at eye level ensures the easy unlocking. A comfortable closing on only one finger is possible, without bending down. When the Linomatic is closed, the lines are retracted. For the next use they open automatically, clean, dry and clean laundry for sure at any time. Dirty lines that leave unpleasant stripes as with conventional rotary dryers belong in the past. Thanks to the proven line retraction mechanism the lines vanish dirt-protected into the carrying arms. On each carrying arm are two hooks to dry eight shirts and blouses on coat hangers, free from folds. Up to six loads of laundry have space on the tough, 60 m long lines. The maximum line length is 2.20 m. Even large laundry, like bed linen and tablecloths has comfortable space. All used materials are weatherproofed and UV-resistant. Screw-in ground peg with lid to concrete inclusive. Rotary dryer with automatic line retraction ensuring you always have clean lines and clean laundry When closed, the lines are stored within the rotary’s arms, protected from dirt and cobwebs Easy-Lift System for easy opening with minimal effort Automatic retraction of the tensioning lines to protect against damage Easy-Close-Comfort push-button at eye level on the rotary arm for convenient closing of the rotary, without needing to bend down 8 hooks for clothes hangers on the end caps of the rotary arms for additional drying space 60 m line length for about six loads of laundry Includes a ground socket for embedding into concrete With washing line cover 3 year guarantee Dimensions 16.84 cm x 15.34 cm x 2.36 m


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