Leifheit Clean Twist XL Mobile Mop and Bucket Set

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Leifheit Clean Twist XL Mobile mop and bucket set Leifheit’s CLEAN TWIST System Mop Set on wheels is specifically for wood and water-sensitive floors. Its patented spin-handle rotation confidently wrings the wiper’s fibres for damp-only gentle cleaning. Supplied by Leifheit in Germany. For over 50 years, Leifheit has been one of the leading suppliers of household goods in Europe for cleaning, laundry care and kitchen products. All their innovations are easy to use, work reliably, are made from enhanced materials for durability and offer different practical performances. With their enhanced quality, they make life in the home easier and more convenient, giving you more time for the things you love. The perfect system for cleaning sensitive floors. Mop moisture is controlled, the more spins, the less moist the mop New generation of spin mop with patented rotation mechanism Convenience and ease of mop wringing Water and dirt are spun out of the mop as it spins in the bucket, with minimum effort. Trolley cart for bucket Convenient when cleaning larger areas No carrying heavy bucket around Complete cleaning set including Mop with spin-wring mechanism. With 3 year guarantee.


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