Leifheit Clean Twist M Mobile Mop and Bucket Set

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Leifheit Clean Twist M Mobile mop and bucket set The new CLEAN TWIST system from Leifheit is the perfect system for sensitive floors like parquet and laminate. No water damage or scratches from dirt: the unique Leifheit rotation mechanism spins the wiper cover drier than any other system. The dirt is simply spun out. No bending down, no hands in dirty water and no complicated foot operation. The extendable handle and the built-in stop function make sure of this. The new revolutionary spin technology from Leifheit lies in the inner of the floor wiper handle: activate the floor wiper rotation by pressing the handle. By pressing the handle multiple times, the moisture level of the wiper cover can be individually set. For easy cleaning of difficult areas such as under cupboards or beds, the new floor wiper with a wiping width of 33 cm folds flat at a 360° joint. Thanks to the practical all-round cover, the corners and edges are cleaned at the same time. The CLEAN TWIST rolling cart makes cleaning floors even more comfortable. The 360° rolls ensure maximum flexibility. You can move the floor wiper anywhere you need it, easily and comfortably, without having to carry a heavy bucket around. It impresses with its easy handling, high stability even during the spinning out process and is extremely easy to assemble. Handle is height-adjustable for mopping at the preferred working level, making it easy on the back Extra-flat and movable wiper with 360° joint cleans easily under cupboards and around furniture Fold-around wiper cleans corners and edges in one movement Pouring lip on bucket for clean emptying of water Wiping width 33 cm Includes: Mop with spin technology and extra soft microfibre wiper Multi-purpose bucket Rolling cart and wringer 3 year guarantee


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