Leifheit Classic Mop and Bucket Set

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Leifheit Classic Mop and Bucket Set The Leifheit mop set consists of a 3-piece handle, a 12-litre bucket and a Classic Mop attachment. The mop has absorbent viscose fibres that absorb water and dirt particularly well! Clean floors in no time thanks to the Classic Mop Viscose mop set, whether large surfaces or corners are to be wiped. With the mop system of Leifheit, even the sharpest angles can be cleaned almost playfully. The flexible viscose fibres of the floor wiper glide effortlessly in snake lines over floors, around table legs and other objects. If you buy the Classic Mop Viscose wiper set, you have everything you need for cleaning with just a few clicks. In addition to the practical mop, the set also contains a generous 12 litre bucket for sufficient cleaning liquid. Floor cleaning has never been more back-friendly, the Classic Mop Viscose has a 120 cm long steel handle. Thanks to the press attachment attached to the bucket, the mop can be easily wrung out easily. Simply hold the stem with your head in the press and rotate clockwise with little pressure. In the blink of an eye, the viscose strips have wrung dry. The removable mop head can also be cleaned in the washing machine at 60°. The practical all-in-one set contains everything you need for cleaning: Classic Mop Viscose with 3-piece handle, 12-litre bucket and Classic Mop attachment Practical press attachment included for cleaning without dimming your hands in the dirty water, no bending over and wringing out the mop without any effort Absorbent viscose fibres that have a high water and dirt absorption Movable viscose mop head strips for flexible and thorough cleaning even in the corners Mop head washable at 60° in the washing machine for easy cleaning Wipe cover is made of 60% viscose and 40% polyester


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