Leifheit Classic Easy Laundry Dryer Capri 80

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Leifheit Classic Easy Laundry Airer Dryer Capri 80 The Leifheit Laundry Dryer Capri 80 offers everything for a compact, stable and reasonably priced drying place. Because of its small size it fits in every bathtub. The drying bars have a total line length of 8 meter and have enough space for a whole washing machine load. The frame is equipped with a child-proof lock and can be easily folded, a classic drying rack model. Extra sturdy, and scissor-folding makes it easily collapsible. The total line length is 6.4 metres Small dryer that fits in any bathtub Childproof lock for safe setup and storage 8 metres of drying line 3 years guarantee 52 cm x 111 cm


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