Leifheit Classic 38 Extendable Wall Mounted Airer Dryer

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Leifheit Classic 38 Extendable Wall Mounted Airer Dryer The Leifheit wall tumble dryer offers enough space to dry the clothes thanks to its five extendable drying rods and can be mounted indoors and outdoors. The wall tumble dryer is particularly robust and stable! If you need a space-saving drying rack that still offers plenty of space to dry the laundry, you can buy the Classic 38 Extentable wall tumble dryer from Leifheit. Because it has five drying rods that can be pulled out using the accordion technique. The Leifheit tumble dryer for the wall is 80 cm wide and therefore also suitable for larger laundry items. Since it offers versatile mounting options, it is flexible and serves, for example, as a towel rail in the bathroom or as a drying rack on the balcony. The dry length of the extendable Leifheit tumble dryer is about 4 m. Since the mounting material is already included, the Classic 38 Extentable wall tumble dryer can be attached directly. It is easy to assemble, has a stable construction and scores with its load-bearing capacity. Wall dryer with accordion technology offers a lot of drying capacity on its five extendable rods Versatile mounting options make the drying rack flexible for the wall Thanks to its width of 60 cm, it is also ideal for larger laundry items. Dry length is about 4 m Easy-to-assemble, stable wall dryer from Leifheit Including mounting material


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