Leifheit Air Active Express Medium Ironing Board

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Leifheit Air Active Express Medium Ironing Board The Leifheit Air Active Express Medium Active ironing board has a surface area of 31 x 28 cm. It safely supports a steam generator iron with a flex tidy system that comes fitted with a standard UK plug With the Active Ironing Board, your laundry is always ironed perfectly and in half the time. It is the ideal addition to any steam iron generator or steam iron, ensuring durable crease protection to laundry thanks to its Air Active features: Air Suction, Air Extraction and Air Inflate functions.All Active functions are easily and conveniently turned on/off at the switch. The Air Suction and Air Extraction functions hold the laundry in place on the ironing board for easier ironing and ensure maximum steam penetration through the fibres. Excess steam is drawn away and discharged downwards. Your laundry is instantly smooth and cupboard-dry, and stays free of wrinkles and creases.The Air Inflate function ensures easier ironing results for intricate areas, without squashing seams or buttons. Its as if you are ironing on an air cushion easy and wrinkle-free, even ideal for delicate items. The iron practically floats over the laundry without any pressure.


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