Leifheit 255ml Glass Jar With Clip Top Fastening Seal

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Leifheit 255ml Glass Jar Clip Top Fastening Seal A true classic for the kitchen with a wonderfully diverse range of uses. The wire clip jar from Leifheit is not only essential for summer preserving, but it’s also useful all year round. For example, as a trendy gift filled with delicious, home-made baked cupcakes inside the jar. Use as an original way to serve appetizers and dips. The jars can be filled with tasty desserts that can be poured out before serving. And the Leifheit wire clip jars also make a handsome home for spices and herbs. The high quality wire clip is made of stainless steel and can be easily opened fully and closed with little effort. The rubber seal ensures that fruit, jams and jellies can be safely preserved and stored for long periods. Decorative and versatile to use Usable for storing and serving High-quality stainless steel wire clip Includes rubber seal Suitable for baking (without rubber seal) Single jar volume 255 ml Single jar dimensions 8.6cm x 11cm x 9 cm


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