Leifheit 1140ml Glass Jars With Clip Top Fastening Seal

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Leifheit 1140ml Glass Jars Clip Top Fastening Seal Fancy some home-made goodies? Then the wire clip glass by Leifheit is a must. With a volume of 1140 ml this attractive jar is ideal for preserving fruits and vegetables with no added preservatives, letting you enjoy a piece of summer even in the depths of winter. Whether savoury or sweet, the large wire clip glass is the ideal choice for preserving or pickling all kinds of vegetables and fruits. The jar features a high-quality stainless steel wire clip to ensure everything stays fresh and tasty for a long time. Together with the enclosed rubber seal, it seals the contents tightly and securely. Even if you only use the jars as decorative storage for coffee, flour or sugar. Wire clip for easy opening and closing Ideal for pickling or preserving fruit and vegetables Includes rubber seal Single jar capacity: 1140ml Singlejar dimensions 10.8cm x 12.3cm x 18cm


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