Karcher K4 K5 Pressure Washer Full Control Dirt Blaster Spray Lance DB145 2.642-728.0

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Genuine pressure jet washer full control dirt blaster spray lance Suitable for Karcher K4, K5 pressure washers The Dirt Blaster for power washers in the K4 – K5 range. This spray lance is suitable for use on particularly stubborn dirt like mossy pavements or house walls. The dirt blaster for all Karcher pressure washers in classes K4 and K5 removes even the toughest of dirt with ease. The rotating point jet gives you a large cleaning surface, which means you get done faster. Perfect for use on paving, patios, concrete and house walls. Rotating point jet Effectively removes stubborn dirt on sensitive surfaces High pressure powerful cleaning Bayonet connection Easy to use Compatible with all K4 and K5 machines


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