E-CLOTH Non Scratch Scrubbing Pads

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E-Cloth Non Scratch Scrubbing Pads ECloth Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pads take the hard work — and the scratch — out of scrubbing. Masses of precision-engineered microfibres quickly trap and remove cooked-on food and grease from cookware, cooktops, and counters without damaging finicky surfaces (hello, cast iron). And all you add is water. For countertops, cooktops, and cookware, including cast iron. Just dampen with water. No need to add chemical cleaners. Precision-engineered microfibre scrubs without scratching. Removes cooked-on food and grease with just water. Rinse between tasks. Launder or drop in boiling water to refresh. Includes: 2 Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pads SPECIFICATIONS Materials: Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pad: 85% polyester, 15% polyamide; Interior Sponge: 100% polyurethane Dimensions: 10.5cm x 7.5cm


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