E-CLOTH Cleaning & Dusting Wand

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E-CLOTH Cleaning & Dusting Wand The ECloth Cleaning & Dusting Wand is ideal for use around awkward areas and narrow gaps, such as behind radiators, around kitchen appliances, and atop cupboards. Used dry to dust or damp to clean, the wand is easy to use and extra effective. Like you, we think cleaning should be pure and simple. A healthier way to clean, E-Cloth is enough. Includes: 1 Cleaning & Dusting Wand CARE INSTRUCTIONS Daily: Rinse and wring out your Cleaning & Dusting Wand Sleeve affter use. Regularly: Machine wash up to 90°C (hot) with a small amount of detergent. No bleach, no fabric softener, no dryer sheets. Hang dry. Note: Colour may run. Wash Cleaning & Dusting Wand Sleeve separately. Oops! Instructions: If fabric softener or dryer sheets are used by accident, rewash with a little detergent. SPECIFICATIONS Materials: Cleaning & Dusting Wand: Stainless steel & foam stick; Wand Sleeve: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide Dimensions: Cleaning & Dusting Wand: 74.5cm x 9cm; Wand Sleeve: 29cm x 8cm


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