Ariston Bush Hotpoint Indesit INDESCO LG WELLING Washing Machine Carbon Brushes

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Replacement washing machine carbons Suitable for Ariston A, AB, AIB, AL, ALD, AD, AWD, AF, CD, CDE, S, WE, WG Series, Avea, Aya, BSK, Bellavita, Blue Air, Bluesky, Brandt, Bush, CAndy, Clayton, Cobal, Continental Edison, Creda IWD12, IWM12, Daewoo, Edson, Far, Frab, Franger, Frigidaire, Funix, Generiss, Haier, Harrow, Highone, Hotpoint BWD12, BWM12, Hotpoint Ariston, Iceberg, Indesit W, WA, WAX, WDE, WDG, WDS, WE, WG, WM Series, JPC, Jetwash, Lazer, Linetech, LG, Luxor, Manhattan, Match, Merloni, Newtec, Oceanic, New World HLE, SG, SGE Series, Philco B, N Series, Proline, Qilive, Saba, Samsung, Schauen, Scholtes, Secondi Marchi, Selecline, Sharp, Sogelux, Surfline, Technical, Techwood, Tecnogas, Terzi, Thomson, Unic Line, Urania, Valberg, Vedette, Waltham, Welco, Wellington, Westwood, Whirlpool, Windsor, Xper washing machines Washing Machines fitted with Indesco / Welling Type motors using PA66 marked carbons Indesco 12.5 x 5 x 32mm Sandwich/laminated construction. 6.3mm terminals


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